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Yo, yo, yo, it’s time to talk about the law
Legal aid Wilson NC, no need for a pause
You need help with a case, they got your back
Affordable legal aid, no need to go off track

Now let’s talk about dark pools, are they legal?
Understanding the trade, it’s essential
If you’re in the know, you can make a move
Dark pool trading, it’s time to improve

The doctrine of discovery, it’s a topic of debate
International law of colonialism, it’s a heavy weight
Legal implications, it’s time to explore
The doctrine of discovery, we can’t ignore

Legal and general, fixed term annuity is here
Expert guidance and advice, so have no fear
You want to invest, they’ll show you the way
Legal and general, they’re here to stay

Sharia law, how many countries use it, do you know?
The number of countries using it, let’s steal the show
It’s time to educate, let’s spread the word
Sharia law, it’s time to be heard

In Massachusetts, if you need help with the law
MA legal services, they’ll help you find a flaw
Expert legal assistance, they’re the ones to call
In the legal world, they stand tall

Medical consent in Australia, what’s the legal age?
Everything you need to know, let’s turn the page
It’s time to be informed, let’s be aware
Legal age for consent, it’s only fair

Deloitte legal jobs, if you’re looking for a career
Find opportunities in law, let’s make it clear
At Deloitte, you can make a mark
Legal jobs, it’s time to embark

Non-compete agreement attorney, Los Angeles is the place
Legal counsel for restrictive covenants, they’ll set the pace
If you need help with a contract, they’re the one
Legal advice, it’s time to get it done

CSA contract in NYC, it’s time to take charge
Expert legal guidance for contractual agreements, they’re at large
If you need help with a contract, look no further
Legal guidance, it’s time to conquer

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