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Centre for Information and Guidance India (CIGI) from its inception in 1996 focused on Career Guidance and Counseling. CIGI has an accomplished history of guiding more than 3 million students for the last 24 years. It has also been taking up many academic activities which has been helping the student community in India and abroad like study camps, seminars and workshops. Career Guidance wing identifies the inner traits of the aspirants using CIGI Differential Aptitude Test (CDAT) and provides consultation with expert Career Counselors. CIGI trained career guidance team help the students for online application, option registration of professional courses and applications for various scholarships, etc.

Choosing a career is for the lifetime. You may spend the majority of your rest of your life with that career. Hence choosing the right career path for you is a very important decision in your life. To choose a right career for you, you should know your aptitude, which is your inner potential. To excel in a career your aptitude, interest and passion should align with your career. CIGI can help you to identify your aptitude and to make a career decision.

There are various career options. It is essential to explore various options before choosing a career path. It is required to have a good understanding of various courses, institutions, admission criteria, etc. CIGI is here to help you to understand career options.