Postgraduate study in medicine abroad

There are options available after MBBS for foreign studies to pursue higher education in different countries. The process to study medicine abroad is different according to the country’s policies. For instance, PLAB is for pursuing higher studies in the UK while USA has USMLE for PG aspirants and Australia Medical Council has AMC exams. All of these facilitate the process of higher studies in the respective countries as well as job opportunities after course completion.

PG IN AustraliaAMC  is the qualifying exam to do PG medicine in Australia.

Popular universities in Australia

  Name of the university  City
  Australian National University   Canberra
  Monash University   Melbourne
  University of Melbourne   Melbourne
  University of Queensland   Brisbane
  University of Sydney   Sydney

PG IN Canada: MCCQE – Medical council of canada qualifying exam should be passed.

Popular universities in Canada

  Name of the university  City
  McGill University   Montreal
  McMaster University   Ontario
  University of Alberta   Alberta
  University of Calgary   Alberta
  University of Montreal   Quebec

PG IN Germany: Unlike the UK/US, Germany does not require any elaborate tests for licensing. Germany requires you to learn the German language up to C1 level and then pass two exams- Terminology exam (FSP) and the Approbation exam-KP (Registration exam). 

Popular universities in New Zealand

  Name of the university  City
  University of Auckland   Auckland
  University of Canterbury   Christchurch
  University of Otago   Dunedin
  University of Waikato   Hamilton
  Victoria University of Wellington   Wellington

PG IN United Kingdom: PLAB – Professional Linguistic Assessment Board Exam is the best if you wish to settle down in the UK . After residency FY1& 2 and PLAB – 2 years of core training and 6 years  of speciality training (ST1-ST6 ) is needed. The Core Specialist Training application in the UK is highly competitive and application success rates are less than 20%. 

MRCP (Medical PG) / MRCS (Surgical PG ) is another way of entering PG in UK

MD/MS IN UK – without  PLAB in  some Universities – Equivalent to ST1/ST2 

Popular institutes/universities in United Kingdom

  Name of the institution / university  City
  Imperial College London   London
  King's College London   London
  University College London (UCL)   London
  University of Cambridge   Cambridge
  University of Edinburgh   Edinburgh
  University of Glasgow   Glasgow
  University of Oxford   Oxford

PG IN USA: USA tops the list when it comes to PG medicine colleges and universities. The eligibility criteria are MBBS degree or equivalent. USMLE-United States Medical Licensing Exam should be passed. success rate  15%,3 step examination. Part  1 and CK of part 2 can be given anywhere but part 2 CS in the US only. Best time to appear for step one  is 3rd year of MBBS

Popular universities in USA

  Name of the university  City
  Baylor College of Medicine   Texas
  Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University   North Carolina
  Columbia University   New York
  Mayo Clinic School of Medicine   Minnesota
  University of New Mexico School of Medicine   New Mexico
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