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This to demonstrate table.

Add an HTML Element and  replace the HTML Code (preferably after typing in a Text Editor).


The Upper portion is styles. You make it onetime. Then you can reuse it for all tables.

I have kept the colors odd intentionally, you to change it. Colors are defined in rgb(Red, Green, Blue) format. Each value can be from 0 to 255.

e.g. (255, 0, 0) is Blue.

First define table width (100%)

th defines table header

td defines every element below heading

tr:nth-child(even) to put styles for even (2nd, 4th, etc.). I have kept it as bold, underline and uppercase. with Gray background.

tr:nth-child(odd) to put styles for odd rows. I kept it with yellow background.

First column are given with links. Some links within same tab. Others with new tab (_blank).